Many men are tired of getting bullied due to their skinny body. Many of them have tried many different techniques to gain, but nothing works for them. This is because of trying techniques in the wrong direction. Eating more won’t help you to get weight if you are taking low-calorie diets.

If you are tired of trying techniques to gain weight, here are few techniques to help to gain weight naturally:

  1. Focus on intensity rather than time

Many people think that spending hours and hours on exercise would build their muscle. However, this is a misconception. You should not spend more than an hour on muscle building but do intense and hard exercise. Do not take long breaks and spend time in gossiping with another gym member. You should focus on yourself.

  1. Eat more

If you are skinny, then this means your body metabolism system is very fast. So, you must eat more than 3 three times a day, so your body constantly metabolizes and builds muscle. However, avoid taking junk food and taking dietary supplements’. Focus on a protein diet and healthy diet. Also, count your daily calorie intake. You can take protein powder too.

  1. Limit your physical activity

It is possible that you might have more physical activity and that would be the cause of your skinny body. You should limit the movement of your skinny body and store energy for your gym activity, `and you should indulge yourself in a sedentary lifestyle.

  1. Look what you are eating

It is often heard that skinny people eat a lot to gain weight, but all efforts go in vein. This because they are not eating right or are taking food with fewer calories. You should monitor what you are eating and take more calorie dense food to gain weight.

  1. Change rep ranges after some weeks

If you are progressing and gaining weight, you must change rep range for at least 4-5 weeks. Going with the same range of rep would cause plateaus. Changing rep range would also help your body to improve other muscles.

  1. Buffet is good for skinny people

You must go to the buffet at least once a week if you are extremely skinny but after heavy workouts. The calorie will directly enter in your muscles and give more energy to you.

  1. Avoid stress

Taking stress would reduce your weight because cortisol represses the bone and body growth. Therefore you must learn some stress management techniques. Breathe in the open air and relax.

  1. Consult a Professional

You must consult a professional to help you in making diet plans. You should not depend on the advice of family members or peers because they don’t have a proper knowledge of nutrition.

Thus, gaining weight is not that difficult but require proper consideration to the minor issues. A Healthy lifestyle with healthy eating is key to your success. If you are satisfied with your body image, then there is no need of getting upset with bullying, but you should try gain weight on a positive note.


Getting a perfect and muscular body is quite a troublesome task and only those who are dedicated get success in this task. Bodybuilding is quite an extensive task and includes various types and styles; one of the most popular among them is a muscular type of body. The process is quite draining and you require putting in your best foot forward and train to the best of your abilities to get a perfectly ripped body. In order to get jacked fast, the implementation of various bodybuilding techniques and diet into your workout schedule is quite important and you should also look to stay from vices like smoking and drinking at this time period.

Some of the best exercises and diet plan that you can implement in your workout plan in order to get the perfect muscular body –

Create a diet plan

In order to get the best of body, you need to make sure that you take the help of nutritionist and follow a perfect diet plan. It is quite essential that you segregate your diet into almost 6 phases throughout the day and take proper amount of carbs and have a better amount of protein intake. Eating light meals at a two hour interval is the key and you should make a point to eat a little bit of energy food before you go to the bed.

The body is in the restring state at the time when you sleep and to make sure that it does not starve itself and take amino acids from the food and not the muscles, you should take energy foods. The muscles amino-acids do not get effected and remain absolute fine in a better shape. The right amount of pre workout carbs and post workout protein supplements prove quite vital and give you the ability to tone down your fat and gain more muscle mass.

The workout plan –

  • Anyone who is bulky and is looking to get a perfect body by workout and exercise should first with the help of a fitness expert devise a better workout plan. Making sure that the body is ready for heavy and strenuous workout is essential. The heavy exercises are the key and therefore stamina building is the major requirement. The most important thing in the initial stage is to go for stamina building exercises like running, treadmill and lightweight training.
  • Once you have gained the right stamina and have shed the required weight you can simply look to indulge in heavy weight training and body part specific exercises. Heavy bench press, dumbbell press, pull-ups, weight pulling and chest exercise are some of the most popular exercises that you can perform in repetition as advised by your fitness trainer for getting the best body.
  • A perfect workout plan is not the one where you go on exercising blindly, rather it is about having plan where there is something of everything. A proper diet plan, the right amount of exercise and along with it the importance of regular rest cannot be understated. You should make it a point to give rest to your bones tissue to get healed for more workout to avail the best benefits.